Join the CIAN Ambassador Program!

Are you an avid user of CIAN, passionate about everything DeFi and eager to get more involved? We are launching our Ambassador program and you can now apply to become one of us!

About the Ambassador Program

By joining our program, you'll get the chance to help develop CIAN's global community, grow community and protocol users, and meet our internal teams to engage with like-minded DeFi experts from all over the world.

What do Ambassadors do?


  • Create CIAN content that has a positive impact.

  • Write documentation (tutorials, articles, blogs, etc.).

  • Create YouTube videos.

  • Graphic designs, comics, and memes.

Provide local insights

  • Actively share real-time trends and insights to your regional community to help CIAN be locally relevant.


  • Participate in the management of CIAN's communities and more.

  • Be proactive and helpful in Discord (e.g. help/guide new community members).

  • Retweet, comment and like CIAN's official social media content.

  • Shill quality content to a wider audience.

  • Provide valuable product feedback.


  • Look for opportunities to work with other communities.

  • Organize educational events to help beginners learn about CIAN and DeFi.

  • Connect with blockchain enthusiasts by holding regular events.

  • Expand (your own) community scale with the leverage of CIAN-related content.

And, be creative!

What do you get as an Ambassador?

  • Special gifts and CIAN merchandise (clothing, bags, etc.).

  • Access to CIAN's KOL network to expand your knowledge, friendships and reputation.

  • Get direct access to CIAN founding team.

  • Access to CIAN's business partners.

  • Grow your own community or organize events with the support from CIAN's community resources.

  • Opportunity of getting exposed in CIAN's events.

  • Earn points based on contributions and influence. Utilize points to redeem special rewards (NFT whitelist, CIAN's token, etc.).

  • Have further influence on CIAN's product/community development.

  • Obtain new community role tag and related permissions within CIAN's Discord server.

As a CIAN Ambassador, you'll need:

  • Decent understanding of Web 3 and, most importantly, CIAN's protocol.

  • Keen to build social relationships with others.

  • Accompany the project's growth and participate in the project development.

  • Good at communicating, content creation, and/or shilling skills.

  • Available to devote some of your time and energy for the cause.

Ambassador's grading system and rules

The Ambassador program is divided into three levels of seniority, namely Guardian, Titan and Legend. Once you pass the application review, your role in CIAN's discord channel will automatically be promoted to "Guardian". Your rewards grow with your level of Ambassador. To keep or progress your Ambassador level, sustained contribution to the community is needed.

The recognition you receive as an Ambassador is proportional to your passion and involvement in the project. If you think CIAN stands a chance of growing into a leading protocol, as we do, join us as a CIAN Ambassador now and find out! Apply here!

Once you've applied, you can go to our Official Discord #general channel to claim your Ambassador roles and start climbing your way up!

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