CIAN Voyage Points

Voyage points will be converted into CIAN tokens at Q4 2024

Points Composition:

Voyage Points = CIAN Points + OAT Points + Ambassador Points + WL Points

CIAN Points

How to earn CIAN Points?

Choose a strategy you like and make a deposit to earn CIAN Points. To minimize the impact of leverage differences and price fluctuations across different coins, points are calculated based solely on unleveraged value, using Personal Unleveraged TVL divided by CIAN Unleveraged TVL.

Calculation Rules

CIAN Points = (Personal Unleveraged TVL / CIAN Unleveraged TVL) * Daily Distributed Points

CIAN Unleveraged TVL = ∑ (Hold Value + Supply Vaule - Borrow Value + Margin Value)

Personal Unleveraged TVL = ∑ (LP Amount * LP Token Price)

How many points are distributed daily?

All vaults distribute 15,000 points daily. The daily distributed points will increase based on the growth of TVL and the community.

Why isn't my strategy showing points?

Only vault points are displayed at the moment. Points for automated strategies will be updated soon.

OAT Points

Complete tasks on Galxe to claim OAT:

OAT Points = Tier Points * Bonus Points OATs will be converted into Voyage Points

Ambassador Points

Community is the core asset of CIAN. Ambassadors are the strongest driving force behind CIAN’s community.

Join CIAN Ambassador Family:

Bonus Conversion Rates: active and loyal ambassadors recognized by the CIAN community may get enhanced rates

WL Points

There are 2 ways to get a WL: through the Zealy Campaign and certain events like Twitter Space or Community Call, where WLs are given as rewards.

WL can be earned multiple times, but you can only get 1 through the Zealy Campaign

Reach the top of the leaderboard and earn WL through Zealy Campaign👉🏻

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