Create smart contract wallet

If this is your first time on CIAN, WELCOME ABOARD!

In this section, we’ll cover the basics in order to get your wallet started and deposit funds. These two steps are fundamental to access any CIAN's task or strategy.

First and foremost, like most Web 3.0 Dapp, CIAN doesn’t require you to register or KYC. Instead, you would log in directly from the wallet of your choice. (Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet)

Step 1:

  1. Select your favorite Chain (top right)

  2. Connect your wallet (Metamask is the preferable option)

  3. Click on '''Create Wallet'''

Step 2: If you are solely looking to create an automated strategy, you may head directly to this page, otherwise, here are the basic steps to set up your account. Deposit some funds into your smart wallet. Select the token. Select the amount. Deposit. * Make sure to keep enough coins in your wallet to cover eventual gas fees.

Step 3:

Soon after, you should see your funds appear on your Dashboard. All that is left to do is to deposit some funds in your gas contract and sign the EIP-2612.

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