Auto-borrow & Auto-repay

Using Auto-borrow & Auto-repay

Both these tasks are executed by the CIAN's smart operating system. They allow users to protect their collateral while increasing their capital efficiency. These tasks are specifically designed for those who wish to conduct some yield farming with borrowed assets. Our smart operating system was designed to save up to 70% of the time needed to perform and manage this intricate task, while also optimizing your capital utilization up to 50%.
Most experienced traders are well familiarized with this task, as well as the complexities that come along with it. In this section, we'll cover in detail the few simplistic steps necessary to set up both (Auto-borrow and Auto-repay).
Prerequisite (EIP-2612 standard)
In order to enable CIAN to execute your automation tasks, since CIAN is not allowed to control your funds without your authorization, you will need to set up a signature validity period. For this, CIAN utilizes the EIP-2612 Standard. This permit will allow CIAN to fully execute your tasks while you are away, during the preset period of validity. The EIP is gas-free, that said, all transactions triggered according to your tasks' specifications will still involve normal gas-fees. You can enter your e-mail address to get notified before/after each transaction, based on the level of automation selected.