Position building

In Position building, CIAN utilizes automation to help users build complex investing positions in 3 simple steps. As demonstrated in this video, the typical process involved behind this type of transaction can easily require over 50 clicks across multiple protocols. Position building not only reduces users’ manual execution to setup their investment, but also allows them to monitor rates & APYs of all dominant protocols from one single page. This alone can save hours of research.

Borrow to Farm

Borrow to Farm is where a user can engage in standard yield farming using assets that were borrowed against the collateralized asset of their choice. CIAN’s automation primitives allow users to swiftly build, manage, optimize and protect this intricate investing strategy highly popular among experienced investors.

Step 1

To execute any task that requires automation, you first need to enable your signature (EIP-2612 Standard), allowing the system to remotely execute your (protocol-protocol) transactions. The main goal of automation is to ensure the security and optimization of your capital even when you are away. The EIP-2612 remembers your wallet signature to solely execute transactions pre-authorized in your ‘’Tasks’’.
- Click on ‘Go to setting’ or manually click on Settings (bottom left)

Step 2

- Enter the validity time (days)
- Click on Sign
- Sign on your Metamask
- Add your E-mail for notification (optional)
*Please make sure to update your signature before the deadline is reached. If one of your tasks were to trigger a transaction after the expiration of your signature, the system wouldn’t be able to complete the transaction.
Step 3
- Select the Lending protocol
- Select the Token that you want to use as your collateral (deposit token)
- Enter the amount
Step 4
- Select the token that you want to borrow.
- Enter the amount (limit the % D/C for optimal security)
Step 5
- Select the protocol for your farming position.
- Select the pool.
- Click on execute.
Step 6
- Review your investment
- Click on Confirm
- Confirm on your Metamask
- Done!
Once your position fully deployed on selected protocols, you’ll be able to see all detail under the related tab. (E.g. To see your assets lent and borrow) :
- Go under protocols
- Select Lending
- Click on ‘’MY’’ tab