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Yield farming

Yield Farming is where we're going to Stake our LP tokens. This operation shall be done exclusively after providing to a liquidity pool. If you haven't done it yet, please refer to Liquidity Providing to first complete this step.
*If your initial goal is to do some Yield farming, prior to investing in a liquidity pool, make sure that the matching pool exists in both (Liquidity Providing and Yield Farming)
Step 1:
Once you successfully provided in a pool (Liquidity Providing), find the matching pool under Yield Farming.
Step 2:
  • Click on Stake. From there, you should see your balance.
  • Select amount.
  • Click on Approve.
  • Click on Stake.
Step 3:
Once your transaction is approved and completed, you can go under ''My Farms''' to see details about your investment. From there, you'll be able to Claim your rewards that will progressively increase over time. This can be done manually, or, you can set up a smart contract to automatically Claim it for you (Auto Claiming).